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Important Dates in 2020-21

There is a great deal of catching up to do in schools, due to the national lockdown that closed schools in March 2020, particularly for developing the skills of children in phonics and early reading.

Phonics Tests

Each year children take a phonics test at the end of Year 1. This will test everything they have learned since starting in Reception. The test consists of 40 real and alien words, which become progressively more challenging. Alien words are not real but can be read phonetically. The pass rate is published after the tests are taken, but since the test's inception, the pass mark has been 32. If a child does not pass the test at the end of Y1, they will take the test again at the end of Y2.

As there was no test at the end of Y1 last academic year, due to Covid 19, the DFE (Department for Education) have instructed all schools with Year 2 children, to conduct a phonics test before the end of the Autumn Term 2020. Y2 children are therefore required to take the phonics test before they break up for Christmas. Schools are likely to leave it as late as possible in the term to take this test, to give the children the best chance of passing.

Year 1 children take the phonics test in the Summer Term. This academic year, the phonics screening check for Year 1 children will take place the week commencing Monday 7th June 2021.

Our games will help support the development of phonics and early reading skills, in a fun and engaging way.

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