Learning and Nurturing should be fun!

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L&N games is built on the premise that learning should be fun and that children are best nurtured to learn, when they don’t even realise they are. The concept of the games we sell have been tried and tested in schools and at home, having been honed over many years.  Our creative designer has over 22 years experience working in schools as a teacher, Advanced Skills teacher, Phonics Leader, Deputy Head and Head of School, and still leads in school today.  Our games provide the opportunity for children, their family and friends, to have fun and enjoy quality time, learning together.


Our games include high quality design, that are bright, colourful and engaging, ensuring that children want to play again and again.  Children become engaged by the characters and go on a learning journey over time, with the content of the games becoming more complex as children develop.  The games are progressive, and designed to focus on key areas of educational development.  Our 'Top Tips’ ensure that parents/carers and other family members can support children to progress at their own speed.  Our games and jigsaws are made of high quality materials that can be enjoyed time and again.  


Through our games, we are proud to play a small part in supporting the fundamental steps, of child development.   We know that through our games children will have fun learning skills that will enable them to be successful in life.